Olaf Benz Men's Underwear

About Olaf Benz

The vivid cult label starts in 1989.
Olaf Benz founder is stylist and photographer Alfons Krauzer. He conceives the market concept and develops the styling. The initially small but revolutionary collection literally explodes and could be found in Germany’s top shops in no time. Now Olaf Benz can be found all around the world.
Nevertheless, from the first day the following priority applies: instead of just proliferating into the market, Olaf Benz is been distributed very selectively. The point of sale has to serve the target group, which Olaf Benz is addressing. That secures the designer collection’s exclusiveness permanently.

An enormous creative power.
The stylist’s creativity is essential part of the success. Whereas many brands confine themselves to fit American basics with a new waistband, the Olaf Benz designer counts on innovation and spirit. The makers at Olaf Benz are certain that only an exceptional good product is able to bind customers to the brand. For so many years Olaf Benz is showing that new ideas and innovations are still possible. 

Innovation as promotion motor.
Olaf Benz consistently draws attention to itself with unexpected innovations. One of those many new innovations is the first underwear series, which can be scent individually. The secret: There’s a little pad integrated into the item, which you can scent with your personal fragrance. The warmth of the skin stokes up the exhalation of the fragrance, without mixing it up with the smell of sweat.

Underwear out of the space lab.
In 2005 Olaf Benz astounded experts with a fabric revolution. Originally developed by Swiss experts for a spacelab experiment, Olaf Benz takes the ultra fine meshes as basis for the “Phantom” series. With groundbreaking technology an extreme elastic, foil thin and sensitive 2nd-skin fabric develops. Since Phantom was launched it continuously leads the Olaf Benz bestseller list and beats the sales planning again and again with brilliant figures.

An indicator against sunburn…
First of all this are the first swimming trunks, which shows with an integrated alarm field, when the beach boy needs to reapply sunscreen. Depending on the UV intensity the indicator changes its colour.

…and a lightweight for businessmen.
Then Olaf Benz developed the world’s lightest brief for men. Ordinary underwear easily weighs up to 150 grams. The Olaf Benz brief only comes up to 14. In the businessman’s flight luggage it takes now less space than a calendar.

Aphrodisiac as doping.
The Olaf Benz series Doping caused a media furor. There are micro capsules fixed into the fabric. They store like little containers the acerola cherry’s essence – an aphrodisiac, which already the Inca kings used when they wanted to please their court ladies. With Olaf Benz the love seeking only needs to gently stroke the fabric to release the magical essence.

Nano silver as turnover booster.
Olaf Benz’s latest and again outstanding project uses the antibacterial advantages of high-carat silver. In the form of nano particles the noble metal is fixed permanently into the fabric. Textiles stay fresh and sexy and the sweat odour is banned off the skin.

What we wearing directly on our skin is for many consumers of high interest and is often associated to high image standards.

Olaf Benz is the best collection on the market, if you compare fit, styling, quality and innovation altogether.

The Olaf Benz art lies in setting a trend and respectfully inviting men to experiment with it – without overwhelming them.
Through decades of experience, the cut of it’s garments has been perfected to an unbeatable level. It goes without saying that only the finest and most innovative fabrics and materials are used.

The skilful craftsmanship, the creative flair of the stylist and the discerning choice of materials continue to make Olaf Benz  what it has been since 1989: The best bodywear in the world for men!