Olaf Benz Men's Underwear

Olaf Benz underwear 105041 White, RED 0979 105041 White, RED 0979

Olaf Benz

Olaf Benz Squarepant 105041 White, RED 0979. Olaf Benz RED0979 - This stylish line sustains its position as a wonderfully light, sexily cut range of micro-fiber underwear. The ultra-light fabric has a ribbed look which shimmers attractively in the light. There is a choice of Olaf Benz White, Olaf Benz Mars Red and Olaf Benz Black. Four underpants, from scanty to classic, Olaf Benz Mini pant, Olaf Benz Square pant, Olaf Benz Brazil brief, Olaf Benz Mini string can be combined with two shirts - Olaf Benz Carreshirt and Olaf Benz V-Neck.
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